The upgrading of drones market

As we have been claiming in other news in Edudrone, the world of drones is getting incredibly large not only in countries such as United States or China, but in Spain and in the European Union too. That increase is big enough to talk about it in a single new at least.

One of the most important companies of drones in Spain is FuVex. It is specialized in making drones, and its founder is Carlos Matilla, who insists in the attention that drones will take in the forward decades. The development of the drone sector comes mainly from the United States, and nowadays it has arrived to Europe.

Regarding statistics, the number of drones has been increasing continuously since 2000. Furthermore, it is expected that there will be 53500 drones in 2050. We can appreciate in this point how important the drones market is truly. Here a graph that demonstrate how the number of drones have grown wildly until our days:



Graph 1

In conclusion, having the drones piloting course will allow people to get nearby to this sector, which undoubtedly will gain importance every year.


Sources of the Graph 1:

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