The danger behind the bad use of drones

WMCH Drone

The video exposed in our social network is disturbing at the very least. In it we see how a drone crashes against the wing of an airplane. According to what the girl says in the video (“Bye, New York”), it seems to be New York City in 2015, year of publishing of the video.


If we read the comments, all of theme claim that it is a fake video. It can be, but the main thing is not that. The true issue is: ¿can it be possible? ¿Is that a proof of what a shock between a drone and an airplane can cause? Even though I am not an expert finding fake videos, it does not seem to me like that. La Sexta has published a new about how painful can be a drone to a plane. Here the link: ( In this new we can find a video where engineers affirm that a drone can provocate such damage.


In conclusion, as we saw in the new about drones’ law, it is not allowed flying a drone in an aerial traffic zone. We must be aware about how dangerous can be ignoring the legal limitations of flying in areas of frequent aerial traffic. Therefore, let’s be responsable and cautious with the using of drones.

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