Spanish law legislation part 1

Where can I fly my drone? Can I be fined if I do it? Which conditions exist for me to be able to use the drone and in which circumstances?

Surely these questions are some of the many that arise among drone owners. This report addresses the most important points to take into account if we want to fly our drones inside the framework of Spanish law, which can be applied to the European law

Firstly, there is a distinction that must be made between professional and recreational use. This report focuses on the latter. As taught in the video Normativa drones 2018 Real Decreto of “josedrones y tecnología”, the first steps were taken with the Royal Ordinance 8/2014 of 4th of July and law 18/2014 of 15th of October. These steps opened the door to the legal regulatory framework of drone use for recreational and professional purposes.

Now, with the Royal Ordinance of 2018, one of the requirements is carrying out an aeronautic study of the activity that is going to be done and the AESA (in Spanish: Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea, in English: Statewide Agency of Aerial Security) has to confirm that activity. With that license it is possible to fly:

  1. In populated areas
  2. Above agglomerations of people
  3. In aerial restricted zones
  4. At night


In the case of  flight in aerial restricted zones, the driver has to have some certifiable formation in piloting drones. Otherwise, it is  illegal.


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