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If you are a driver or a company of drones and look for work or employees, this is your site.


Nowadays, the sector of drones is growing up like a fire in a wood. For this reason, today we bring you an analysis of one of the latest job websites in the world of drones: JobToDron. This is a web platform for facilitating the gathering between the supply and demand of the drones sector. It has a mobile-app version and a computer version and both of them have a very cool, fresh and attractive style, and its main language is Spanish. The goal of this new is zooming in the JobToDron website step by step in order to demonstrate how it works and how easy finding a new job can be.

The main page of the app version will ask us for notifications from JobToDron and our geolocation to suggest us better jobs. After that, the site is split into 10 principle nodes of navigation, six of them are meant to allow the registration and access to their JobToDron account to drivers, operators and companies. The other four are «Rate», «Opinions», «Contact» and «Social». The important information about how much cost each possibility of a contract is ubicated in «Rate». “Opinions” has only two commentaries, but it is understandable, because the site has not taken so long in time. Based in the dates of some commentaries and notifications of JobToDron has been born in June of 2018. “Contact” gives a formulary for fulfilling it, but doesn’t appear other ways of communication with the company, at least in this node. And “Social” takes the user to the accounts in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


If you want to know more about JobToDron, clicking in «Company Registration» («Registro Empresas» in Spanish) is necessary to access to subnodes ubicated in the upside of the website. Among them, we can find information about how JobToDron works and why. According to the explanation about themselves, the authors claim that the goal of this site is making easier the encounter between companies and drivers of drones, and that includes an economic facility. That means that every user of an account in JobToDrone can benefit from main services without purchasing anything.

Concluding with the app version of the JobToDrone website, knowing who is behind this groovy initiative is relevant, so they are Óscar Domínguez (CTO and Developer), Santiago Valero (CEO and Cofounder) and Javier Pérez (CMO and Cofounder). However, accessing by the computer version is recommendable, because it is more clear and navigation is easier, as we will see in the Part 2 of the new.

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