Job in Drones World Part 2

Firstable, I have to notice that the app version of JobToDron has changed respect from the Part 1 of the new, making easier the task of knowing how can someone find a job with this website.

Anyway, this part 2 of this large new is about the web version from a computer view. I have to claim that it is absolutely visual and intuitive. The main page is destined for inviting us to join as a company, an operator or a pilot with three coloured buttons.

In the up side of the web there are some other options like “Cómo funciona”, “Suscripciones”, “FAQS”, “Quiénes somos”, “Contacto” and “Iniciar sesión”.

To sum it all up, the important service that JobToDron offers is finding what the interested one is searching. If you are a driver that wants to find a job, you can register and they will bring you an offer from a company, for example. Once it is clear, there are many options of contracting the JobToDron’s services.

If you click on “Suscripciones”, it will appear a similar page to the first one in which, depending on our identity (company, operator or driver), we will discover distinct prices. If you are interested about it as a company, the service of finding drivers or operators is 0,00 €*. It is logical because the demand has to be economically-well treated in order to encourage companies to register and, in this way, have more possibilities of making offer and demand find each other. From the other side, if you are an operator, there are three types of fees: first one, 0,00 € and you will count on having your perfil and views to the basic lists of possible jobs; second one costs 9,99 €, named “Básico”, offers the same services plus more information about other people and companies among the principle services; and the final one, 14,99 €, named “Premium”, which adds the all previous services plus immediacy in the communication of the remarkable news. If you are a driver, the fees are more or less the same utilities but prices change. “Gratuito” costs 0,00 €, “Básico” has a price of 2,99 € and “Premium” costs 4,99 €.

Regarding “Contact” button, it is more useful than the app version one, because there we can find information like the telephone number, the address (located in Zaragoza) and an email. There is the possibility of sending an specific problem by the same formulary we could find in the app version.

On balance, if you are one of these three people, this web is one of the most likely sites so that people can find a perfect job or a perfect employee. Let’s the people discover this amazing and well-made website in order to help people who are in the drones sector.


*Every prices per each contracted month.


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