It is time to share our knowledge about the DRONES

Cascade training:

It is time to share our knowledge about the DRONES






In the past few months, we been working on EDU DRONE project. We made the platform where you can find online course. The online course is divided into units where everybody can find useful information, and what is the most important, can experiment the knowledge by taking multiply choice test. During five days training in Valencia, we learned how to build a drone.


The next step is the cascade training. Each partner is obligated to train 36 persons. In total, we will train 180 drone leaders. During the cascade training, we will share the knowledge and experience gain during the past few months.

We will train new participants:

  • How to use our platform,
  • How to build a drone,
  • Use of drone in precision agriculture
  • How to fly with a drone,

During the cascade training, each partner will make the report.  The participants will be ask to complete a questionnaire for different units. The pros and cons will be used to improve the EDU DRONE platform.

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Drones for aerial artistic design

Everybody imagined that a drone could fly and enjoy children, but who would ever think to make a picture from the sky with almost 1000 drones would be possible? Now we know it is.


The weekly magazine Time of United States proposed to innovate with a spectacular picture executed by 958 drones. At the end of May of 2018, they took a photograph meant to be the cover of a special edition about the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and other themes such as the frontier between the United States and Mexico, scientific application

of drones and the use of them in the audiovisual industry.

The site where this exhibition took place was Folsom, California at night. As we can see in the following video, in which the experts involved in this project talk about it, some commentaries claim that it was illegal to fly drones at night. This issue reflects the need for making a clear legal code that allows pilots and drones companies to develop this sector that undoubtedly hides inside one of the keys of future technology.


To sum it all up, it is possible to focus on the point that drones have been used with an artistic and design goal. Here you have the video. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video even worthier.

Drones will come along with us this summer

Surely, many people will enjoy this summer by visiting new cities or stale towns. Nevertheless, taking a car and watching fines out will be necessary to do it.


In Spain, five drones have been thrown into the air so that car drivers don’t exceed the speed limit. The models and number of these drones that will observe Spanish roads are one Phantom 2, one Phantom 4 Pro, one Matrice 200 and two S900, according to the ABC newspaper information. This decision has been taken by the General Direction of Traffic (DGT in Spanish), at whose head is the interior minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska.

                                             Drone S900

The roads that will be monitored by drones are mainly conventional roads because this kind of routes has an 80% of deaths by car. For this reason, having guarding roads by drones has been required by the GDT. Furthermore, the periods of time in which the activity of these drones is going to be high is weekends, and in the 14th and 15th of August, due to many celebrations in some localities that will make traffic rise.


In conclusion, here it is a fact that proves drones are taking new and different functions in society, even some of them can save lives. Be careful when you drive!

Drones to see jellyfish


Nowadays, the most attractive uses of drones are related to the audiovisual domain – taking pictures, filming planes for Hollywood’s latest blockbuster or an image gallery of an Ed Sheeran concert. However, the use of drones can save lives. This application is being used in Valencia. An infestation of some species of jellyfish, among which the Portuguese man o’ war abounds, threatens Mediterranean Spanish coastline. Through the utilization of cameras paired with the drone, it is possible to identify which zones are affected by these migrations of jellyfish that come from the Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean and even Australia. When they are sighted, taking them away, a task which in itself requires time and effort, becomes so much easier. This is proof of the multiple uses that drone currently

Job in drones world

If you are a driver or a company of drones and look for work or employees, this is your site.


Nowadays, the sector of drones is growing up like a fire in a wood. For this reason, today we bring you an analysis of one of the latest job websites in the world of drones: JobToDron. This is a web platform for facilitating the gathering between the supply and demand of the drones sector. It has a mobile-app version and a computer version and both of them have a very cool, fresh and attractive style, and its main language is Spanish. The goal of this new is zooming in the JobToDron website step by step in order to demonstrate how it works and how easy finding a new job can be.

The main page of the app version will ask us for notifications from JobToDron and our geolocation to suggest us better jobs. After that, the site is split into 10 principle nodes of navigation, six of them are meant to allow the registration and access to their JobToDron account to drivers, operators and companies. The other four are «Rate», «Opinions», «Contact» and «Social». The important information about how much cost each possibility of a contract is ubicated in «Rate». “Opinions” has only two commentaries, but it is understandable, because the site has not taken so long in time. Based in the dates of some commentaries and notifications of JobToDron has been born in June of 2018. “Contact” gives a formulary for fulfilling it, but doesn’t appear other ways of communication with the company, at least in this node. And “Social” takes the user to the accounts in Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.


If you want to know more about JobToDron, clicking in «Company Registration» («Registro Empresas» in Spanish) is necessary to access to subnodes ubicated in the upside of the website. Among them, we can find information about how JobToDron works and why. According to the explanation about themselves, the authors claim that the goal of this site is making easier the encounter between companies and drivers of drones, and that includes an economic facility. That means that every user of an account in JobToDrone can benefit from main services without purchasing anything.

Concluding with the app version of the JobToDrone website, knowing who is behind this groovy initiative is relevant, so they are Óscar Domínguez (CTO and Developer), Santiago Valero (CEO and Cofounder) and Javier Pérez (CMO and Cofounder). However, accessing by the computer version is recommendable, because it is more clear and navigation is easier, as we will see in the Part 2 of the new.

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