How to build a Drone

Is building a drone so difficult for us to try? Some people from CECE Europa staff have decided to find out the answer in Valencia a few days ago. The objective of this trip is to promote activities about building drones for students, thanks to the EFA Malvesia.


First of all, the 11th of November the team arrived to Spain and made some photographs to keep those unforgettable moments in time. The 12th, the elected ones for destroying the Death Star learnt how to build a drone accompanied by Joaquin, the expert who went there in order to explain the process. The 13th they put it into practise. Other students of the EFA could also construct incredible drones. Finally, the 14th drones could finally begin with their aerial life controlled by their creators.

Here you have a video which demonstrates how funny those days have been. WHat are you waiting for? Build your own drone! Now you know it is possible.


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